Gu Qi Dao

A way to develop one’s own energy

Gu : take care of, watch for, forge oneself, re-centre oneself

Qi : energy, breath, human spirit

Dao (pronounced Tao) : way, law, rule, method, technique, virtue or principle.

In recent times, economies have undergone spectacular development and material life has improved.  Search for better quality material and spiritual life (psychological and physiological) has emerged. 

As martial arts, at all times, touch upon the spiritual domain, it becomes necessary today to revisit these in the light of the profound changes which have recently affected our way of life.  In today’s total revolution of  values and practices, it is important to develop a new and more adapted martial art.   As a result, Gu Qi Dao was born to maintain spiritual development in today’s society.

The GU QI DAO was discovered in 2009 in Paris by Ji Gu, a Chinese man from Shanghaï, who has been teaching Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Kung fu in Europe since 1993.  Ji Gu teaches at “Aux Sources du Chi”, a Paris association and, on occasion, provides sessions at various organisations such as the European Space Agency or UNESCO.    He has also taught at the former French Federation of Tai Chi-Chuan, founded by James Kou.

Some of his pupils have attained recognition at prestigious events :

Gold medal at European championship of Tai Ji Chuan Tuishuo in 2012;

French champion in Tai Ji Chuan Tuishuo in 2004 and 2010;

Runner-up in Kung-Fu Sanda (free combat), Austria in 2011;

National referee at French Federation of  Wushu, Chinese energetic and martial arts.

Gu Qi Dao is based on Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine as well as techniques and theory from martial arts.  It is both a good health and martial art, introducing new dynamics, better adapted to the modern pace and mode of life.

Gu Qi Dao uses several fundamental principles :

-The practice of Gu Qi Dao is 60% psychological effort (improve thought patterns) and 40% physical training;

-Gu Qi Dao focuses on the search of self and the discovery, improvement and use of one’s own potential, to become more independent and reliant on one’s strength;

-The theory and techniques of Gu Qi Dao are based 80% on Yin and 20% on Yan spirit;

-The movements in Gu Qi Dao are our daily ones of walking, combing hair, etc. …  Easily understood and imitated, requiring little effort and time to reach optimum results;

-Gu Qi Dao adapts to nearly all situations and conditions of age, health, time availability, hour of day, place, dress;

-Gu Qi Dao reveals weaknesses and transforms them into strengths;  

-Gu Qi Dao does not use arms, but daily life accessories (chop sticks, books, umbrellas …) with the aim to neutralise a potential aggressor without doing harm to him or to oneself.  The accessories used are transportable and legal;

-The techniques and movements of Gu Qi Dao can be used indistinctly for self-defence or health purposes;

  1. -In Gu Qi Dao the sequences, whether with or without accessories (bare hands), are identical -  known as Qi dance.

In daily, whether family or professional, life Gu Qi Dao reinforces our energy and personal development.  Through Gu Qi Dao each one may benefit significantly from an improved psychological and physiological condition.  Gu Qi Dao maintains constancy of mood and good energy distribution, helping individuals in their personnel development and in coping with life situations.   Gu Qi Dao tempers reactions and allows one to act more serenely in the face of problems, aggression and stress.  In time, the benefits of Gu Qi Dao are felt not only individually, but also within one’s environment, family or others.


24 rue Boussingault 75013 Paris

contact: 0033 614 095 718

Exeptional Intensive course in Tyrol Austria:

3rd + 4th january 2015 in the Abbey Stift Fiecht

information and inscription:

0033 625 640 947

Arts Chinois : Aux Sources du Chi : Association ‘loi 1901’